One Year on, Most things have changed, some things have stayed the same



Apart from the obvious, (12 months ago we had just welcomed Henry into this world, so one year on, we know have a happy little boy walking around our home) pretty much everything in our lives has changed this year – we have not only moved house we have completely moved suburbs, and I have changed jobs and am now studying, but on top of that there has been other changes…

– I don’t swear … as much

– I don’t drink … as much

– I now shop like a man, shopping trips are purposeful and prompt

– I am getting better at asking for help

– I no longer crave ‘me’ time.  Indeed this term has pretty much left my vocab, and that’s fine by me, if I have any free time I have a list as long as my arm of people I would like to spend time with!

– I am comfortable striking up conversation with people I have never met or barely know, at the park, at the cafe, the supermarket, anywhere really.  Babies are people magnets!

– I no longer worry if I am running late

– I don’t watch all that much tv or even dvds

– I only read books with pictures, which is just as well because I have an attention span of a one year old these days – magazines are good.

– I am ever so slightly more organised, as in, we now have organised chaos instead of full blown chaos

– Friendships have changed, I don’t have all that much time to catch up with friends, and if I do, often I bring my little companion, so conversations aren’t as deep, free flowing.  This is tough.

– I completely dress for comfort – if something has to be hand washed it does not get to come home with me, it is not even considered!  I have developed a deep love for Bassike, Skin and Threads and Jac and Jack stylish basics..

– My relationship with my husband is stronger than ever, so too that with my family.

So what has stayed the same

– Milly our Schnoodle still likes two walks a day

– We drive the same car

………. sometimes those are the only things that feel like they haven’t changed!


illustration by inklingdesign


Well Done Bonds, well done x


Let me just start by saying, anything that saves me the smallest amount of time or makes things that slightest bit easier these days will be labelled ‘genius’ in my book.

Hence this little Henley Ribbie from Bonds – the ankles are actually joined at the bottom, so when you are chasing your little one and trying to get their little legs into the suit, you can at least slip their feet into the bottom bits – and then you just have to do up the other press studs to join the legs – GENIUS!  when the ankles aren’t joined you make countless attempts just trying to keep the leg still enough to do that first little press stud up on each leg – my goodness, with my little one that can take quite some time!

And only 5 press studs – brilliant!

I just wanted to share this today.

you can get it here – BONDS RIBBIE HENLEY

Have a lovely day x

Cool As Nana Knits Pt 1



It is becoming apparent that anything nana is a bit hip to the beat again.  Which is lucky for me, or more for Henry as his nana likes to knit.

Mum has been a knitter since forever, she has tried endlessly to get her three daughters into knitting, but apart from the odd scarf here and there we are yet to become one with the needles.

Having said that I have wonderful memories of my sisters and our close family friends sitting on the ducted heating vents with blankets over us as kids, knitting away for hours, only to come up with – well not much.

Not mum, she knits on the train, in the car, on the couch, and most recently standing up in a cafe.

She has knattered those needles into some priceless pieces for all of us over the years.  When I bought my little Mazda 121 iridescent green bubble car, she knitted me a blanket to match for my back seat.

But her knitting has really come into its own know that she has grand kiddies.  Henry came home from the hospital in a beautiful crochet laced blanket, and goes to sleep every night under a wool/cashmere patch work blanket, complete with sailing boats.  This is his second winter and both have seen him rugged up against the cold in hand knitted jumpers and cardigans – which I’m sure keep him that bit warmer because they were made with so much love and care.

Do you have any special pieces made for you or by you?

As Henry’s first birthday approaches I have promised myself that I will get crafty and make him a special bunting for his party…. wish me luck :-)!

Nicole x